A Warm Welcome from your friends at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Davie!

We hope your time in the university is challenging, fun and fulfilling for you, as you learn in depth about the subjects you are studying and about life in general. College and Graduate School are a heady times, and the decisions and choices you make now will likely impact you the rest of your life.

At Gloria Dei, we would like to support you any way we can. In addition to activities on campus, we extend a cordial invitation to you to join us on Sunday mornings for Bible Study and the Divine Service at our church. Please contact us if you need a ride to church! We will do our best to provide one for you.

Please explore this Campus Ministry area of our web site for information and the whole site for resources and information about our church in general.

If there is anything you need, or anything you are interested in, please do not hesitate to ask! We are here to help and to serve.

God bless this time in your life and your studies at Nova Southeastern, Broward College and Florida Atlantic University, Davie.

You are welcome to e-mail Pastor Poulos directly! The Peace of our Lord be yours!

Higher Things

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Click here to listen to "The Epistle to the Ephesians". Dr. Thomas Winger, author, The Concordia Commentary: Ephesians